EAQA partners with ABLS Accreditation

18, March, 2015

EAQA, the pan-European agency association, has announced an agreement with ABLS, an accreditation body for UK language schools, the association’s first ‘Corporate Partner’ under a new scheme.

ABLS Accreditation has become the first Corporate Partner for European agency association EAQA.

The partnership will introduce a pairing of the two organisations with the primary aim of upholding the quality standards in their respective markets, said EAQA in a statement. The main areas of the cooperation will include knowledge sharing and mutual assistance, while also developing relationships between ABLS accredited schools and EAQA members.

Diana Lowe, Executive Director of ABLS, described the deal as a welcome initiative. “We are delighted to have agreed partnership and look forward to sharing quality standards and closely cooperating with EAQA in 2015.”

Adela Makashi, Chair of EAQA, said, “ABLS has a very competitive and thorough accreditation system in place, thus certifying only great schools. Due to the nature of our two organisations, cooperation seemed only natural.”

EAQA said that the partnership would also serve as an innovative way to scan the study travel industry for ways to improve upon membership benefits delivered to EAQA agencies and advantages deriving from ABLS accreditation.

Established in 2011, EAQA currently lists 27 member agencies from across 15 European countries and is a member of the Federation of Education and Language Consultant Organisation (Felca). EAQA recently announced an agreement with English Australia.

ABLS Accreditation is one of the bodies approved by the government to accredit language schools recruiting non-EU students on student visitor visas. The association recently announced a partnership with Travel-Safe International, the educational and training division of the charity Child-Safe International.



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