AUCC rebrands as Universities Canada

05 May, 2015

The Association of Universities and Colleges Canada (AUCC) has rebranded as Universities Canada/Universités Canada with immediate effect.

The new Universities Canada/UniversitÚs Canada brand image

“The evolution from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada to Universities Canada/Universités Canada marks a significant new era for our organisation,” said Paul Davidson, President of Universities Canada/Universités Canada.

“Our new identity truly reflects the innovative, focused and dynamic nature of our organisation, our work and our people. We are articulating more clearly who we are and what we stand for.”

In a press release announcing the refreshed brand, the association said, “The new identity features an iconic diamond image that symbolises convergence and destination – a town square, a traffic intersection, a university quad. Turning it on end creates added dynamism, highlighting the need to continually advance in order to serve the needs of higher education, research and innovation.

“The diamond expands outward from a common centre to symbolize growth, evolution, steadily increasing reach and inclusiveness. It illustrates that Canada’s universities are shaping responses to a perpetually changing world.”

First established in 1911 before adopting the AUCC banner in 1965, the association represents 97 Canadian public and private not-for-profit universities and degree-level colleges, both at home and overseas.

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