Bodwell announces expansion plans

27 May, 2015

Bodwell High School, a private institution in Vancouver, Canada, has commenced an expansion project that will increase the number of international students and boarders on campus.

An artist impression of Bodwell High School after the expansion

The school is building a seven-storey addition to the campus, which will include five floors of dormitories, a large presentation theatre, an expanded library, a second school gymnasium and a second campus café.

The new facility will also feature an open entry atrium and floating walk way, improved outdoor spaces and play courts and provide additional underground parking.

In a statement issued to study travel agents, Bodwell High School said, “With our current student body of 550 students from 45 countries, we find this a wonderful time to expand our facilities and Boarding Program with more dormitory spaces. Upon completion, the total floor area of Bodwell will be around 150,000 square feet, good for up to 650 students and 500 boarders.”

The construction project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2016.

Bodwell High School offers a number of programmes for international students, including academic programmes, sports- and arts-focused streams, summer courses and university preparation. Last year, the school announced a partnership with the University of Waterloo.

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