Bossa promoting verification services

27 May, 2015

Beijing-based agency association Bossa is commencing an awareness campaign of the verification services it offers as part of a campaign to combat document fraud, and has recently entered into a partnership with video interview service Vericant

Bossa's document authentication centre

Jon Santangelo, Communications Director at Bossa, said, “Initially I reached out to Vericant in the latter part of last year. We officially entered into contract just late March and we are looking forward to start collaborating with them: they provide a reputable video-interviewing service and English test that is well renowned in the US.”

Vericant provides institutions with video interviews with the Spoken English Evaluation test, developed from the Common European Framework of References for Language, as well as a supporting essay. 

The video service complements Bossa’s document authentication service which began operations in August last year and has subsequently verified approximately 5,000 student records, Santangelo said.

Bossa has obtained legal authorisation from the two assigned organisations of the Ministry of Education (MoE) dealing with document verification – the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) and China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC) – and has been granted permission to translate documents into English.

Initial marketing campaigns of the service were focussed on the domestic audience. “We will begin awareness outreach to foreign countries’ educational institutions this summer,” Santangelo said.

In an effort to combat document fraud, Bossa and the MoE are advocating that overseas institutions and governments only accept students with verified documents and academic credentials. “Our aim is to get more countries to require Chinese students to have their academic records officially authenticated by the Ministry of Education. This is already a mandate in Italy, France, Korea and Japan.”

Santangelo said there were clear benefits to students in using the service. “Verifying academic documents through the Bossa Authentication Centre reduces processing and waiting times and students can communicate directly with Bossa staff via phone or email on their status.”

As well as issuing the verification documents, Santangelo said Bossa is “providing a trustworthy and reputable service to students and giving peace of mind to overseas institutions”.

Document falsification from Chinese students was raised as an issue in a recent investigation of fraud in Australia’s international education sector. Bossa and a number of large Chinese study travel agencies have recently signed a Study Abroad Academic Record Verification Memorandum, a voluntary code of conduct to further protect against document fraud.

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