BWS Germanlingua to open Cologne school

04 June, 2015

German language provider BWS Germanlingua has announced it will open a new centre in Cologne later this month, adding to the company’s schools in Berlin and Munich.

The new BWS Germanlingua school in Cologne

The Cologne school is in the city centre in a listed building and will feature five classrooms with technology such as graphic tablets and personal computers in each room. Other features include a kitchen with balcony and a student lounge with computers, internet access and a library.

The same courses and accommodation options as the BWS Germanlingua Berlin and Munich schools will be offered in Cologne, including general German, intensive, private tuition, mini group courses and university preparation.

“The school is wonderfully situated on the left side of the Rhine River in the city centre of Cologne on Hohenzollernring 88,” said Nico Kögl at BWS Germanlingua. “The area is the main entertainment district of the city with countless bars, restaurants, pubs and theatres giving it a lively vibe and cosmopolitan flair, but at the same time it boasts to be one of the best neighbourhoods to live in, such as in the very posh Frisenviertel.”

Kögl continued, “The school is surrounded by green and well-maintained parks as well as a small lake which invites students to take time out, relax or do some outdoors activity after having done their lessons.”

Regarding the city as a destination, Kögl said, “Cologne is the oldest of Germany’s big cities and is located in the west. It is not only known for its 2,000-year-old history but also for its cultural and architectural heritage. The famous Cologne Cathedral – a gothic masterpiece – and its international events, like the Cologne Carnival, attract millions of visitors every year.”

BWS Germanlingua was established in 1984 and is a member of the International Association of Language Centres (IALC).  

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