Liden & Denz unveils new brand image

16 June, 2015

Russian language provider Liden & Denz has launched a new brand logo and name, following the recent completion of the move of the St Petersburg school to a new, upgraded location.

The new logo of Liden & Denz Intercultural Institute of Languages

Walter Denz, Co-founder of the school explained the name change, “We always felt that we were much more than a language school and so we decided to change our trading name to Liden & Denz – Intercultural Institute of Languages.”

Denz said the new identity would herald a range of new programmes. “We will soon announce a series of new course modules in the exciting fields of cultural awareness and intercultural management, so the new trading name better reflects who we are and what we are doing,” he commented.

Regarding the new logo, the company said it needed to be careful about changing too radically due to the wide recognition of the brand in the industry.

“In stripping back the old identity, we have focussed on retaining a shield, the lion as a central motif and the colour so that people who know the brand can see it as an evolution of the existing brand rather than a complete revolution. By focussing on the lion’s head, we have tried to present a strong image that’s much more immediate,” said Denz.

“We have kept the year of foundation – 1992 – in the logo as it reminds the viewer of the pioneering spirit setting up a private language centre only a few weeks after the Soviet Union had collapsed.”

Following the opening of the new St Petersburg school, Liden & Denz has released a high-res photo gallery of the new facilities and a video of the pre-opening party.

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