Turkish agents report early 2015 growth

07 July, 2015

Members of Turkish agency association UED have reported a 19 per cent increase in student numbers in the first six months of 2015 compared to the same period last year, according to a recent survey.

UED members have reported 19 per cent growth in student numbers for the first half of 2015

In a special mid-year poll, UED asked to report the number of bookings for the first half of the year, and found that its 43 members reported individual growth rates of between five and 50 per cent.

“In our opinion, the main reason for this increase is lying in the previous year’s economic conditions,” said UED Coordinator, Gokhan Islamoglu, in a statement. “The beginning of 2014 was really bad for most of the agencies because of the reflections of political tension in the country on the exchange rates.”

He continued, “Turkey’s economic growth in the first quarter of 2015 (a 2.3 per cent increase) and citizens’ positive expectations about the general election, which was held in early June this year, were the other reasons of this increase.”

In an interview with StudyTravel Magazine earlier this year, President of UED, Eren Göker, said business decreased by around eight per cent overall in 2014.

The results of UED’s annual full-year member survey for 2014 were presented at the Alphe Istanbul conference in April, which saw the UK increase market share of business from UED members in both the language and higher education sectors.

Meanwhile, UED has announced the nominees for its UED Agency Awards of Turkey 2015.

The shortlist of the UED awards, which were established in 2013 to reward the schools that give the best service to UED members and their clients, reveals the three most nominated schools/providers in each category from the first round of voting. Members will vote for winners from the shortlist during the second ballot period, and the awards will be presented at a special ceremony on October 9.

Matthew Knott
News Editor


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