International student growth in British Columbia

08 July, 2015

The number of international students in British Columbia (BC), Canada, increased slightly in the last academic year and has grown by 22 per cent since 2009/10, according to figures released by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education.  


The 114,600 international students welcomed in 2013/14 represented a 1.6 per cent increase over the previous academic year’s total of 112,800.  

Overall in the BC 2013/14 data, China was the largest source country in 2013/14, providing 28,700 students. Korea (13,600), Japan (13,500), Brazil (8,900) and Saudi Arabia (6,200) completed the top five markets.

The private language sector accounted for the largest cohort of international students in 2013/14 (43,500), according to the government data, followed by public post-secondary institutions (39,600), private sector post-secondary (17,400) and the K-12 secondary sector (14,100).

However, the government said the private language school sector was the only segment to experience a drop in international students, down 12 per cent compared with the previous year.

Gonzalo Peralta, Executive Director of Languages Canada, the association representing public and private language providers, said recently that the lack of regulatory progress in BC was holding back the sector and causing uncertainty in the market.

Languages Canada released full-year data for 2014 last month, showing a stabilisation of the language sector across the country, following a decline in the previous year, but the 2014 total of 137,416 students was still below the 2012 level.

As previously reported, BC is pursuing an international education strategy and aims to welcome 141,750 international students by September 2016, which would represent a 50 per cent increase over the 2009/10 level.

Matthew Knott
News Editor


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