New Spanish school in the Amazon

13 July, 2015

A new Spanish language school has been established in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest, offering Spanish language programmes combined with activities exploring the biodiversity and cultures of the region.

The new Gaia Amazon Spanish School in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest

The Gaia Amazon Spanish School has been founded by Agustin Nuñez, the Owner of Andean Global Studies. The new centre is being promoted by members of AECEE, the country’s association of language schools, which first inaugurated in 2010.

Activity options on offer at the centre include hiking in the primary rainforest, floating on inner tubes in the Napo River, visiting an indigenous family, visiting an animal rescue centre in the jungle, and learning to making chocolate from local cacao pods. The school is also offering courses in the indigenous Kichwa language.

Meanwhile, Yanapuma Spanish School, one of the members of AECEE actively promoting Gaia Amazon, has recently established its own inbound travel agency, offering educational and responsible travel opportunities in Ecuador for individuals and groups.

Andrew Kirby, Director of Yanapuma Spanish School, explained that the centre was established in 2007 as a social enterprise, generating funding for sustainable development projects through its own foundation and has developed a range of study and travel programmes.

“In light of these developments, we took the decision to set up our own travel agency in order to be able to organise travel and accommodation packages with the reliability and guarantees that come with being a registered travel agency and limited company. This also allows us to take advantage of the best costs and pass these savings on to the individuals and groups that arrive in Ecuador to take part in a combination of activities.”

The True Ecuador Travel agency arm of Yanapuma can create packages including study and travel around Ecuador, Amazon and cloud forest lodges and haciendas in the Andes, adventure travel such as white-water rafting and climbing volcanoes, exploration of the Pacific Coast, and land-based and boat tours of the Galapagos Islands.

Yanapuma Spanish School was one of the providers featured in a special StudyTravel Magazine article on Spanish programmes in Ecuador and Colombia last year.

Matthew Knott
News Editor



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