English New Zealand announces new chair

15 July, 2015

Language school association English New Zealand has announced Ewen Mackenzie-Bowie, Owner-Director of two member schools, as its new chair.

Appointed at an AGM last month, Mackenzie-Bowie replaces Darren Conway, CEO of Languages International, as the head of the association, which currently has 25 members and represents around 80 per cent market share of the language sector.  

Mackenzie-Bowie owns Auckland English Academy and New Horizon College, both part of the ICL Education Group, of which he is the Chair. He has previously taught English in Egypt, Scotland and Spain and has run language schools in England and, since 2001, in New Zealand.

Assessing the state of the sector, Mackenzie-Bowie said the market environment for language schools in New Zealand was looking healthier than it had done for several years. “The traditional markets of Japan, Korea, France, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia are all steady; China, Thailand and Latin America are up around 25 per cent, and there are grounds for ongoing optimism,” he said.

Conway recently reported on growth trends in the 2015 first trimester data in StudyTravel Magazine.

Commenting on issues ahead for the association, Mackenzie-Bowie said. “I believe the challenges facing English New Zealand in the coming year will be less from the market place than from our own government quality assurance authority. I believe NZQA [New Zealand Qualifications Authority] has insufficient understanding of language travel and what our membership has been doing for the last thirty years, and doing well.”   

Turning to the study travel industry globally, he referred to issues faced by other markets and the efforts of the Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations in raising awareness of problems faced in South Africa. “I look forward to engaging with our government agencies and to enlightening them on the wonderful art that is English study travel.”

Together with the appointment of Mackenzie-Bowie, a new executive committee for English New Zealand has been confirmed, comprising: Tim Brown, CEO of the Campbell Institute; Kim Harase, Director of Marketing at Academic Colleges Group; Maureen Hayes, Principal and Managing Director of Worldwide School of English; and Giuliana Silveira, Principal of Kaplan International Auckland.   

Kim Renner, Operations Manager at English New Zealand, was interviewed recently by StudyTravel Magazine on the association’s activities and trends in the sector.  

Ewen Mackenzie-Bowie, the new Chair of
English New Zealand

Matthew Knott
News Editor



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