LCI Education extends network into Australia

22 July, 2015

The LCI Education Network, a Canada-headquartered global group of private postsecondary institutions including the LaSalle College brand, has welcomed the Academy of Design Australia in Melbourne as its 22nd member.

The Academy of Design Australia joins the LCI Education Network

The Academy of Design Australia was established in 1998 and specialises in tertiary-level art, design and digital media programmes. The school’s Bachelor of Design Arts was the first programme of its kind in Australia when it launched in 2006.

“We are very pleased to welcome the Academy of Design Australia to our extended family,” said Claude Marchand, President and CEO of the LCI Education Network.

“For several years now, the LCI Education Network team has been working hard to strengthen our presence in the Asia-Pacific market. After Montreal, Bogota and Barcelona, Melbourne is a natural destination for the network, not only for geographical reasons but also for its innovative and creative qualities and values that we share.”

The LCI Education Network covers 22 institutions located in 12 countries across five continents, and includes LCI-branded institutions offering fashion and design programmes, and several LaSalle College campuses, incorporating design, fashion, hotel management and business courses.

Due to the LCI Education Network’s study abroad programme, the Academy of Design Australia will be able to welcome students from the entire network to spend a semester in Melbourne.

“I am pleased to see our institution join the extended LCI Education Network family today. Together, we are determined to make the Academy of Design Australia the most prestigious design institution in Australia,” said Dr Robert Treseder, Founder of the college.

LCI Education Network traces its origins back to 1959 with the establishment of LaSalle College Montreal, which expanded with its first overseas campus in 1989 in Morocco.

Matthew Knott
News Editor



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