University of South Wales London campus closes

12 August, 2015

The University of South Wales has announced the closure of its London campus, citing the impact of changes in UK visa regulations on international student recruitment as a key reason behind the decision.

The University of South Wales, Cardiff campus

The University of South Wales London campus in the London Docklands area has ceased operations only one year after it was established.

In a statement, the University of South Wales (USW) confirmed, “In part, the business case was based on recruiting international students. However, the UK visa regulations changed in between the decision to start the project and the point at which we would have moved to enrol students. This change, for universities recruiting to satellite delivery points, introduced a level of complexity which impacted on the viability of the project.”

Reports in the national media suggested that the project cost UK£300,000 (US$467,000) to establish and that no students had been enrolled.

In response to the claims, the university spokesperson said, “The university explored a ‘proof of concept’ exercise that involved a hosted-facilities arrangement for USW’s own staff to teach its part-time courses in a small, highly specialised range of professional disciplines. The arrangement allowed us to test the market without major financial outlay. We had a number of student applications but, having tested the market, USW decided not to proceed at this time.”

London branch campuses of UK universities were investigated last year by the Quality Assurance Agency at the request of the Immigration Minister after instances of English test fraud at one branch campus, but found that the satellite schools were “generally well founded and effectively managed”. Thirteen branch campuses were covered in the report, including USW.

Matthew Knott
News Editor



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