New Zealand launches recommended agency review

19 August, 2015

Education New Zealand (ENZ) has launched a review of its ‘Recognised Agencies’ programme to ensure the scheme is working effectively and adding value to agent relationships.

Under the scheme, which was introduced last year, agents with a proven track record of success can be recommended by partner institutions to become an Education New Zealand Recognised Agency (ENZRA).

ENZ said that now the programme had been live for a year, it was reviewing the way it operates and is administered to ensure that it is: adding more value from partnerships with agents to increase international student numbers; and protecting New Zealand’s reputation as a high-quality education destination.

While the review is taking place, no new applications for ENZRA status will be accepted.

The analysis of the programme, which is due to be completed by the end of September, is being conducted by consultancy firm Martin Jenkins & Associates Limited, who will interview a range of agents, providers, government agencies and ENZ staff.

Under initial operations, recommendations from schools were assessed by ENZ and other government bodies, and if approved a contract, or ‘term sheet’, was sent to the agency. 

The review of ENZRA is the latest in a range of measures by New Zealand to enhance partnerships with agents, including the launch of an ‘Apply on Behalf’ service allowing agents to lodge online student visa applications for their students.

Agencies were also integral to a recent Zealand’s Industry Partnership Pilot (IPP) operated by Immigration New Zealand, designed to enable fast-track visa student visa processing for trusted institutions.

Agent training programmes offered by Education New Zealand are featured in a special report on agent qualifications in the August 2015 issue of StudyTravel Magazine.  

Matthew Knott
News Editor



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