New platform to connect schools and agents

26 August, 2015

A new cloud-based platform to facilitate information exchange between agents and schools and assist agents in dealing with customer enquiries is about to be launched on the international market, following a trial period in Latin America.

A screenshot of the new Book and Learn system

The Book & Learn platform has been designed to allow agencies to view, compare and select courses in seconds and generate fast quotations. It will also act as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, with tools for agents to follow up on leads, enrolments and former students.

“One of the most common problems for touristic and educational agencies is to solve a customer’s enquiries quickly and at the same time be able to offer the latest discounts. Until now, this kind of tool wasn’t available or wasn’t user friendly,” said Gregorio Nieto, Co-Founder and CEO of Book & Learn.

Schools will be able to enter data and prices directly into the system, receive bookings, look for new partners and set up commissions and deals for each one of them.

Other functions of the platform include: automatized currency updates; student payments; activity reports; personalised course flyers; multi-language accessibility; and internal communications.

Payment for the service will be via a subscription fee for agents and a fee per booking received for school, Nieto said.

“After almost two years developing Book & Learn, it is ready to be launched and we are not afraid to say that it’s perhaps the most advanced system available in the industry,” said Gregorio Nieto, Co-Founder and CEO of Book & Learn.

Mundo Joven Group, a Mexico-based travel and study abroad agency, has screened the platform to determine its suitability for global commercialisation. “One of the attractive points of the 2.0 version, they say, is its capability for adaptation and continuous technological evolution; Book & Learn can easily adjust to any language and culture,” said Nieto.

Ulises Ortega, President of Mundo Joven and outgoing Chairman of the Mexican agency association, AMTE said, “We believe that this is a robust product that will enhance the efficiency and activity of the whole industry.”

Nieto stressed that all communications between school and agent partners would be confidential between them and that other schools and agents would not be able to access sensitive information.

“It´s actually a system that allows you to keep working with the schools you were working with before but now you have the option to have prices updated by them and have a much better communication between schools and agencies. If you have agreements with some schools that don´t update their pricing you can do it manually in seconds,” said Nieto.  

A website with details of the product is scheduled to be online in the next month, with confirmation of the pricing details.

The launch comes after Thiago España, Director of Brazilian agency World Study and board member at the Association of Language Travel Organisations (ALTO) was recently interviewed by StudyTravel Magazine regarding ALTO’s call for Industry Standards and enhanced communication between agent and school partners.

Matthew Knott
News Editor



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