Felca unveils new board and President

17 September, 2015

The Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations (Felca) has elected a new board, with Maura Leão becoming President of the global agency alliance.

Representatives of the agency association members of Felca gathered at the recent AGM in London, UK

The Felca board for the next four years is completed by: Chairman – Masaru Yamada;
Vice Presidents – Paolo Barilari and Eren Göker; Treasurer – Penprapa Vudhivate; Advisory Council – Juan Manuel Elizalde and Pascal Carré; and Secretary General – Hannah Dao.

Leão, who recently returned for a second spell as President of Brazilian agency association Belta, said, “It is truly an honour to be among leaders from several countries with great knowledge about our industry in their markets. And to have the opportunity to represent them is a very enriching experience for me professionally.”

Commenting on the main objectives for the next four years of her Presidency, she said, “We want to advocate for a better and more fruitful understanding between educators and agents, bring innovative ideas for the trade and have more national associations from other countries around the globe as part of the federation.

“We should be aware and sensitive to the global changes that negatively influence our industry and therefore help the associations find solutions to face them.”

Leão said it was more important than ever that Felca acted as a unified voice for quality agents, especially in the face of issues such as changing immigration settings in destination counties and volatility in exchange rates.

“Felca can advocate for the industry interests and for helping to find solutions to maximise the flow of students going abroad. With Felca’s vision, we can try to work closer to collaborate with governmental policies on international education. We can keep an eye on global mobility trends and help each association, depending on what they are looking for,” she said.

Maura Lećo, the new President of Felca

“The best thing about Felca is to be able to share best practices, considering the diversity of countries that are members of the federation.”

The new Felca board was elected at the federation’s AGM in the UK, held in parallel with the Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations (Gaela) annual meeting prior to the recent StudyTravel Alphe UK conference. Both global bodies also made a presentation of key member data, trends and initiatives to conference delegates.

Felca was established in 2000 and currently comprises 15 agency associations from across Asia, Latin America and Europe and invites non-member associations to participate in its gatherings.

Matthew Knott
News Editor


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