Gaela endorses 'London Statement' of agent ethics

21 September, 2015

The Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations (Gaela) has issued a communique emphasising the role that agents play in the study travel industry and endorsing the so-called ‘London Statement’ of agency ethics.

Discussions at the recent meeting of the Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations (Gaela) in London, UK

Representatives of 19 language schools associations and other related bodies met in London, UK,  recently for the Gaela annual meeting, held prior to the StudyTravel Alphe UK conference.  

In a post-meeting statement, Gaela said that one matter for discussion was the “ongoing global dialogue on the important role played by education agencies in supporting students seeking to travel to another country for the purpose of language study”.

The alliance discussed the so-called ‘London Statement’ of agent ethics, which was issued by education officials from the UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand in 2012 following talks hosted by the British Council.

“Gaela members agreed that the ‘London Statement’ provided a valuable platform to inform their discussions regarding effective partnerships between language schools and agencies, and endorsed the principles espoused in the London Statement.” 

The London Statement sets out seven principles that it urges agents to adhere to, encouraging business ethics and professionalism in the sector.

It includes measures such as: encouraging “transparent business relationships with students and providers through the use of written agreements”; protecting the interests of minors; and working with destination countries and providers to raise ethical standards and best practice.

The London Statement echoes some of the principles established in the code of conduct of the Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations (Felca), the global alliance of agency bodies established in 2000 which holds its annual meeting in parallel with the Gaela gathering.

The two alliances joined forces for a presentation of key member statistics, trends and initiatives for delegates at the ST Alphe UK conference.

The full Gaela communique can be accessed here

Matthew Knott
News Editor


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