Qalen symposium focuses on quality assurance

20 October, 2015

The first symposium of the Quality Assurance in Language Education Network (Qalen) since its formal establishment earlier this year, held in Malta last month, focussed on best practice in accreditation, while the association’s brand and website was also unveiled.

Feltom CEO Genevieve Abela addresses delegates at the Qalen symposium in Malta

Mark Raven, CEO of Neas and a founding member of Qalen, said, “The Malta 2015 Symposium has achieved its objectives and established the groundwork for the sharing of best practice across jurisdictions, making the business of quality assurance and accreditation more meaningful for our respective stakeholders.”

A communiqué issued after the conference confirmed that the signatories agreed to support each other and the Qalen concept in discussions with stakeholders including governments, schools and students and commitment to mutual recognition, innovation, resourcing, information sharing and collaboration.

The Qalen Malta 2015 symposium, hosted by the Federation of Language Teaching Organisations Malta (Feltom) featured a number of round-table discussions between participating members, policy makers and education experts, as well as a full day of presentations and discussions at the Ministry of Education. Delegates were also treated to a programme of cultural visits and events.

Opening the discussions, Julian Cassar Torreggiani, Chairman of the Feltom board, said, “Qalen is all about quality and ensuring the highest standards and this is why Feltom is proud to have hosted this prestigious event in Malta. Feltom and its 20 member schools share this same philosophy and this meeting creates the right environment for a healthy discussion forum to share and learn from each other’s experiences to further improve this industry.”

Genevieve Abela, CEO of Feltom, said the language teaching industry was now being used as an example of best practice in internationalisation of education.

She said that hosting the event showed all stakeholders – including members, the ELT Council and the Ministry of Education – Feltom’s commitment to ensure not only that members are top quality, but also that the industry is supported and respected by authorities across the board.

“One of the best outcomes of this symposium was the opportunity to share best practice and listening to how other countries are tackling this industry and making it better. However, it was also a validation that Feltom is doing things right and following the international standards set by traditionally larger English language teaching destinations,” she said.

Washington DC, USA, has been announced as the location for the next Qalen symposium in 2016, with further details to follow.

Matthew Knott
News Editor


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