New Zealand funds regional growth initiatives

05 November, 2015

New Zealand’s Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, Steven Joyce, has announced an additional NZ$2.76 million (US$1.82 million) funding to boost the international education industry in the country’s regions.


The Export Education Levy funding is designed to strengthen regional partnerships and diversify the spread of international students across New Zealand.

“Regional diversification is the key to resilience and further growth of the international education industry,” said Minister Joyce when announcing the scheme. “We have set an ambitious target of doubling the value of international education by 2025 and we need to be smart about where we invest in order to reach this goal.”

New Zealand’s Regional Partnership Programme will receive NZ$2 million (US$1.32 million), which will be focussed on the regions beyond Auckland. These areas accounted for 62 per cent of international students in 2014, according to data released by Education New Zealand.  

Citing the success of an existing regional scheme, Joyce said, “Education Hawke’s Bay is a great example of what regional partnerships can achieve. The regional group has a goal of doubling the value of international students to the region by 2025. The latest full-year data for 2014 shows that international education in the region grew by eight per cent compared with the previous year. This success has been based on collaboration between primary and intermediate schools, 13 secondary schools, four private training establishments, the Eastern Institute of Technology and Hastings District Council.”

The additional funding will be aimed at market diversification, with Colombia, the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region highlighted as strong potential markets, as well as increased activity in established markets such as Vietnam and the USA.

Matthew Knott
News Editor


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