This week Sumarjono Suwito, President of the Indonesian agency association IKPII, talks about the association’s background, role and recent activities.

When was the association founded and why?
IKPII was officially founded in March 2004. Competition among industry players at that time called for a medium whereby industry players were able to discuss and agree on commitments for the benefit of the industry and industry players.

What is its primary role/function?
The role of IKPII is to accredit agencies as its members, to impose a minimum quality standard, to follow IKPII’s code of conduct and conduct joint marketing campaigns.

What has been the main focus of IKPII in the last 12 months?
In the last 12 months IKPII has become a member of Felca, facilitated cooperation with UTC [UniSadhuGuna Testing Centre]-British Council-Ielts, cooperation with Garuda Indonesia Airline, and conducted international education exhibitions.

For an agency, what are the benefits of being a member of IKPII?
As a member of IKPII, agencies benefit from established cooperation and joint marketing campaigns organised by IKPII. In addition, our members collaborate frequently with other members in joint marketing efforts for their specific segments. Sharing of ideas and industry news is a frequent occurrence during IKPII meetings.

IKPII recently became a member of the Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations (Felca)? Why did you decide to join the federation? Do you think it will be beneficial?
IKPII became a member of Felca in August 2013. We decided to join Felca to bring IKPII to the international forum whereby we would be able to contribute more to the industry, to derive benefits as a member of Felca and the infinite positive possibilities we may encounter in the future. Yes, we do believe becoming a member of Felca is beneficial to IKPII.

Please tell us about the outbound agency market in Indonesia?
The outbound agency market in Indonesia has been characterised by a notable increase in recruitment for degree-awarding programmes in the USA and the UK.

In your opinion, does the agency sector in Indonesia need more regulation?
At this moment there is no apparent need for more regulation other than those already stipulated by the Indonesian government.

How do you ensure healthy competition among member agencies?
IKPII has a set of code of conducts which must be obeyed by its members.

How do you ensure standards are maintained among member agencies?
There is an initial standard that needs to be fulfilled by a member of IKPII. As for compliance to the overall IKPII standards, IKPII monitors input submitted by members as well as others from the market. The general public would be able to submit any complaint they might have to the IKPII Secretary Office either via phone or e-mail and IKPII will certainly address the issue.

Does the association offer any agency training?
IKPII does not offer agency training in the sense of how to run an agency business, as the minimum requirement to be a member of IKPII is two years operation in the industry, references from education institutions, and good establishment, etc. However, the association supports agency training conducted by education institutions and supporting industries for IKPII members, as well as opportunities to participate in training organised by third parties on topics relevant to business.

What challenges do member agencies face over the next 12 months?
The main challenge faced over the next 12 months is the stability of the IDR exchange rate.

What marketing projects does the association have planned for the future?
IKPII will organise the 17th IKPII International Education Expo on the 18th-19th January 2014 in Jakarta. We are also looking forward to finalising projects with other industry players with the hope that they will bring about greater benefit for our members.

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