By Nicola Hancox, Editor of Study Travel Magazine

“As the summer season draws to a close, an air of calm has settled over the international education industry. But not for long, as agents, educators and conference organisers prepare themselves for the busy workshop season.

Anyone attending Alphe UK or StudyWorld next month will find a complimentary copy of September’s STM in their delegate bags (warning: it’s a big one so practise your bicep curls now). Bringing you closer to prospective and current business partners, it is packed full of industry relevant content including our central feature on industry takeovers and mergers. Did you know there have been 26 acquisitions over the last 20 months, and that’s just the ones we know about!

There’s a handy ‘diary’ listing the most significant workshop and conference dates for 2013/14 and another Direction piece on Home Tuition providers. There’s also not one but two regional focus features (Quebec and Queensland) and analysis of the tertiary markets in Ireland and the USA – the latter looks at the university/agency dynamic and reveals that more and more universities are warming to this particular recruitment method.

Agents speak out about how and why they first got into the industry, a topic I found particularly interesting (I have a propensity to be nosey!) Many noted that they had been introduced to the industry from an early age and had experienced life as a study abroad student or teacher. This added ‘experience’ has inevitably played an important part in the career they have each carved for themselves today as agents. Unfortunately we couldn’t publish all comments so we have started a group on LinkedIn to encourage more agents to share their industry back stories.

Elsewhere, we bring you news this week of a new private sixth form college in Switzerland which has sought the expertise of a renowned international artist to help deliver part of its curriculum (notably its specialised art and design course). The school anticipates this USP ‘peg’ will help attract the wave of Asian students that are drawn to study art in the UK, and it is confident it can adequately prepare students for admission to some of the best art schools around the world.

Interestingly, the aforementioned famous French artist is best known for “speed painting” portraits of celebrities including George Clooney, Sophia Loren, Eva Longoria – and the following video clip demonstrates Bouroullec’s incredible artistic talent.”

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