This week, Iryna Kobets, Director of Ukrainian agency ICEA, talks about the success of an online language learning collaboration between themselves, the government and a Canadian language school. .

“On June 26, a meeting regarding the project ‘School Teacher of New Generation’ (SMRT) was held in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. During the meeting the issues and achievements of the experimental programme SMRT were discussed. The Ministry of Education and Science together with the educational agency ICEA and Canadian College of English Language, Vancouver, Canada, introduced this programme into Ukrainian schools in September 2012.

As well as teachers of Ukrainian schools and the ICEA agency team at the meeting, also present were representatives of the Canadian Embassy and the Chief Specialist of Secondary and Pre-school Education Department, Kovalenko Oksana Iaroslavivna. She is something of a visionary leader, realising all the advantages of SMRT for Ukrainian students.

SMRT is an electronic textbook for middle and high school students, which comprises all the aspects of studying English. In spite of the fact that the project has functioned in Ukraine for less than a year, it is already very popular. Online learning allows for a raising of the quality of education, using international education recourses and increasing the time for self-tuition.

The last issue is the most important, as it contributes to the development of personal qualities like independence, responsibility, self-discipline and the ability to make deliberate decisions. Without these qualities there is no chance to study successfully.

Teachers say that with the help of the electronic textbook it is much easier to explain complicated grammar. Furthermore, there are some tests after each unit to check the rate and quality of learning.

During the last five years, the approach to English language teaching has drastically changed. The Canadian College of English language is among the top institutions which interest students in English learning as a second language with the usage of modern technologies.

Educational agency ICEA, Ukraine, is always one step ahead in offering educational services. Online learning gives people the opportunity to change their lives. It drastically changes educational establishments, the process of education itself, as well as accessibility of this process. The knowledge which can be gained not at the school but with the help of your own phone or PC is one of the greatest achievements of the century. It is a new trend, which gives mobility and geographic freedom, but what is more important is access to the advanced information of leading educational establishments all over the world. We are happy to work with those who are usually one step ahead.”

After the meeting all the teachers of English language got the certificates from ICEA agency and Canadian College of English. Now more than 86 Ukrainian schools, thanks to the ICEA, are the official partners of Canadian College of English language.

The teachers look forward to the beginning of the school year to start with renewed energy an engaging and interesting process of studying English.”

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