By Matthew Knott, News Editor of Study Travel Magazine

Study Travel Magazine is always striving to introduce new study abroad trends and destinations, and agency opportunities within those markets. This week we published a story on a UK-based language school that has recently announced partnerships to teach English to international students at colleges in India.

The school in question, St George International, established a centre in Delhi two years ago, and the owner told me that they have been pleasantly surprised by the number of international students that have enrolled there. He believes there is significant potential for India to grow as an ELT study abroad destination.

Indeed, SGI isn’t the only international language school to have a centre in the country, and earlier in the year we reported on a Japanese HR firm that moved into agency relations and student recruitment, promoting English study within Asia, including India. Given the attraction of India as a general tourist destination and dynamic business region, there could well be more providers popping up here.

Recently, a cover story in STM examined mergers and takeovers in the study abroad industry, with some contributors suggesting these would be several more over coming years. With two cross-border acquisitions reported this week – by ATC Language and Travel and Cambridge Education Group – the trend shows no sign of abating.

With a number of agent workshops, missions and other events taking place at this time of the year, our ‘View from the desk of…’ piece this week from regular contributor Susan Hayes, aka the Positive Economist, is a timely aid to getting the most out of conferences. She makes useful recommendations in terms of scheduling, planning for success, visualising meetings and, most importantly, following up on those meetings.

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