This week, Ms Rupali Saini, Director (Operations) at Sri Global Educational Consultants in India talks about the challenges of running an agency and offers advice to overcome those challenges.

Biggest Challenges in running an Education Consultancy Agency in India

We at Sri Global Educational Consultancy, Chandigarh, face continuous challenges of running and growing our consulting business. Here we focus attention on the ongoing needs of business things like continuous learning, effective networking, consistent promotion, marketing of our services, staff training, and tax and legal obligations of the consulting businesses.

In addition, running a business is more about persistence, perseverance and processes. It’s about consistently maintaining business functions. Growing a business takes creativity. We need to have energy and imagination to pursue our vision and flexibility to make course corrections along the way to keep things fresh.

We consider a number of the challenges in running and growing our consulting business, including:

Updating our consulting competencies through continuous learning

The foundation of our consulting business is the ability to provide special knowledge and experience in our field to our clients. A consultant must pursue continuous learning so that he or she maintains up-to-date skills and abilities. You cannot grow a consulting business without keeping abreast of the latest information and methods in your field. Information is part of the lifeblood of the consulting industry. Therefore, you will want to make sure you know and use the resources that will provide you with the best information in your field.

Expanding our consulting network and relationships

A successful consulting business is a game of numbers, and expanding the number of people you know and, more importantly, who know you is essential to the ongoing health of your consulting business. We continuously need to find new ways to connect with people that can help us grow our business. So, it’s important to stay active in business and industry associations related to consulting and, more specifically, to the field in which we specialise.

Promoting and marketing

Consulting is a pipeline business. It is often several months between the time you first start to pursue a client relationship, then make a proposal and then actually enter a contract and begin to provide services. That means you always want to have that next client or that next project somewhere in the pipeline.

So we have to keep in mind to take advantage of opportunities to speak at public events about our field of work, and write articles and newsletters that we can make available to our clients and potential clients so that they have a better understanding of the value that we can add to their organisations or operations with our consulting services.

Mentoring other consultants for our business’s growth

We need to think about constantly training-up a new generation of consultants to work with us. That is possible if we begin to work with and train other consultants to take on greater responsibilities.

Improving consulting skills through constant staff training with updates of relevant authorised bodies

Everything in consulting revolves around communication. Therefore, we have to show excellence in communication and never let the level of excellence falter. To promote our business, communication skills are essential. Just having the ability to describe who you are and what you do in your business everyday conversation can help grow your business. In addition, the ability to perform public speaking or to write readable articles and newsletters provides an excellent avenue for raising awareness of your business and your expertise. Developing brochures, websites, advertising and phone scripts that can effectively speak to your target market can boost your client base, and it all hinges on effective communication.

We believe sharing knowledge will always create pathways for future; hence we have described all the challenges and hindrances in a consulting business. We hope this will help many to consider them before starting their endeavours.

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