By Nicola Hancox, Editor of Study Travel Magazine

Have you ever used a stock image in your promotional material? Are you aware of its source? Do you have permission from the photographer, or from the agency that manages stock images, to use that photo?

Our View from the Desk of contributor has some sound advice for those in school marketing departments and indeed for agents who receive hundreds of images from school partners to help sell a particular location, course and school. Contacted by a well-known stock photo agency, he was informed his company was in breach of copyright law (a photo found on his website had not been bought and paid for), and thus incurred a fine.

Getty Images has over 80 million stills and illustrations on archive, so that beautiful picture of that city skyline you just downloaded/received via email or on a USB key at that conference, ask yourself whether or not you actually have permission to use it and for how long (there are time implications too, apparently!). He warns, “You have to be certain that the school has not just the rights to the images but also the rights to share them.”

Yet more collaborative agreements and plans for expansion have been reported in the news this week, with a UK independent school joining Oxford International Education Group (formerly ISIS Education) for the purposes of campus development and chain school EC expanding its presence in the USA. The latter provider says that the US has become its primary market; an indication that further expansion could be on the cards, particularly within the tertiary sector with the addition of its second on campus facility. As the largest higher education market in the English-speaking world, long-term gains are assured.

We gained yet more insight into the tertiary sector at OBHE’s forum on public-private partnerships which took place in London last week. Interestingly the growth of private tertiary education is growing faster than the national GDP of some countries, according to a consultancy group, so providers will surely be lining up to tap into this growth market for profit and economic benefit.

See you in the New Year!            



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