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Working holiday visa phased out

The UK phased out its Working Holiday visa last year and introduced the Youth Mobility visa as part of Tier 5 of the country’s new immigration system.

Under the conditions of the new visa, young travellers between the ages of 18 and 30 years from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan will be able to work in the UK for up to two years and will not be restricted as to how long they can stay with one employer. Previously, travellers on the Working Holiday visa could stay for one year and work with one employer for a maximum of three months.

Joanne Sayer from Twin Group in the UK said that they were “optimistic” about the new visa arrangements for young travellers. “We feel it will open markets that have otherwise been restricted by monopolies or special arrangements. It is, however, difficult to prepare for as information is quite restricted and it is impossible to know which countries are in the process of signing up to it. Thus we only know what countries are available to work with once it is on the Home Office website.”

Previously, participants from 50 countries were eligible to apply for a Working Holiday visa but at the time of going to press, just four countries had signed up to the new Youth Mobility visa scheme, although the visa is also available to citizens of British Overseas Territories.

The fee for the visa has also been reduced from UK£200 (US$297) to UK£99 (US$147) and applicants must prove they have at least UK£1,600 (US$2,374) to support themslves.

WYSETC goes green

The World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation has made an agreement with Green Globe International, a green travel and tourism company, to promote the company’s sustainability and carbon neutrality standards to members and their clients. WyseTC also plans to ensure all its congress events are carbon neutral and provide opportunities for confederation members to purchase certain Green Globe programmes at discounted rates.

Green Globe will also develop targeted promotions and material regarding the Green Globe programme to WyseTC members, delegates and youth travellers worldwide as part of the agreement. Green Globe’s standards for sustainable tourism are currently used in nearly 50 countries by both tourism businesses and communities.

Steven Peacock, Managing Director of Green Globe International, said, “The youth travel market is clearly immense. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the confederation to spread awareness of the [Green Globe] brand in the youth travel markets.”

NZ to introduce new work visas

The new Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, has pledged to introduce new visa categories to encourage more foreign temporary workers into the country for a longer period of time.

The Silver Fern visa would be aimed at temporary workers and allow anyone with a recognised tertiary qualification to travel to New Zealand for a temporary period to look for permanent employment in a skilled occupation. Currently those looking to work in a skilled occupation in New Zealand have to find a job before they enter the country. With the new visa, migrants would be able to undertake temporary work while job hunting in New Zealand.

The new visa plans would benefit foreign students in the country as they would be able to remain in New Zealand and look for work after completing their qualification. The new government also wants to introduce a temporary work visa for those who have obtained a seasonal job offer for up to six months.

The National Party spokesperson for Immigration, Dr Lockwood-Smith, said, “National wants to assure potential immigrants, that they will be given an efficient immigration service.”

News in brief

Monash Professionals rebrands
As of the beginning of this year, Monash Professional Internships in Australia became known as Professional Pathways Australia. Rick Jones, Business Development Manager, at the company, said, “This re-brand has taken place in order to appeal to a wider audience and to more accurately describe the business, particularly in light of the new Professional Year programme. The programmes and services offered are the same and the business continues to remain the preferred supplier for Monash University.”

Ireland demands language skills
The Irish government is considering making work permit holders in the country wishing to renew their visa to prove their English language ability. Minister for Integration, Conor Lenihan, said, “It is my firm belief that, from an integration perspective, we do need to build language skills into the green card system and the work permit system.”

WiredSpain expands operations in Spain
WiredSpain Languages is expanding its operations and offering unpaid work experience opportunities to international students in a number of locations. The company also plans to develop a second phase of its operations this year by offering students programmes with a paid allowance in certain fields, such as hospitality.

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