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New Zealand

Visa options for work placement participants in New Zealand

Student visa – Student visa holders in New Zealand can work for up to 20 hours a week if they are undertaking a full-time course of study at a private training establishment or tertiary institution for at least six months and have an Ielts score of 5.0 or above.

Working holiday visa – Citizens of 29 different countries can apply for a Working Holiday visa that allows them to stay in New Zealand for 12 months. Working holiday visa holders can work with the same employer for up to three months and those who have worked in the agrictulture or horticulture industries for at least three months can extend their stay for a further three months.

Recognised Seasonal Employer Work Policy – Over 18s from outside New Zealand can apply for a work permit if they have a job offer from an approved employer in the viticulture or horticulture industries. Visa holders can work for seven months of any 11 month period and there are 5,000 visas available per year.

How do you help students find work in New Zealand and what opportunities are there?

Chris Leckie, Principal, Rotorua English Language Academy, Rotorua, New Zealand
“Rotorua is a tourist city and there is sometimes short-term work available in hotels, cafés and tourist attractions. [Our school] offers support for working holiday visa students who wish to find work after studying at our school. For many of these jobs, the students’ English needs to be intermediate or higher. The support at school includes help with writing a CV, where and how to find jobs, setting up a bank account and getting a tax number. Past students also come in to share their experiences.”

Internships in Germany

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