New online marketplace for language travel launched

July 6, 2012

ESL Explorer has been launched as an online platform to match students who are looking to learn English and language schools. The site aims to combine social media elements, ratings and reviews, recommendations and e-commerce.

In a press release, the company said, “ESL Explorer provides a niche social network for these students to connect with others who share their interest in language and travel. ESL Explorer allows students to see how others have rated destinations and schools. In order to find the perfect experience for each student, ESL Explorer provides a system which matches students’ preferences to schools’ areas of strength. Finally, students are able to browse through an extensive selection of schools and complete the purchase of their entire travel experience through ESL Explorer.

The site will allow schools to see what students are saying about them and to see which students have expressed interest in their programmes. Thus far ESL Explorer has gathered around 250 schools across 72 cities in nine different countries.

Peter Lukomskyj, COO of ESL Explorer, told STM/Your World that the company recognised the important role advisors play in guiding students through the process of selecting a language school. As such a forthcoming development of the site will be a mentor system, where agents will be free to register as mentors and offer advice via email and chat functions to students. Mentors can also be rated by students and will receive a portion of commission on sales, although exact rates have yet to be confirmed. Teachers and past students will also be able to act as mentors.

Nick Miller, Founder of ESL Explorer, said he believed transparent reviews would lead to a focus on quality. He explained, “We studied the dynamics of the language travel industry and built a unique multisided platform that serves the needs of both students and schools, while respecting that mentors play an important role in guiding students through what can be a complex purchase process. We bring together social media, ratings and reviews, and an e-commerce engine to deliver a truly modern online marketplace.”

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